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 The Rolf Method of

Structural Integration



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     -After a head on collision car accident I went to serious therapy for months to regain proper mobility in my left hip! The pain was rough and after months of Doctors and therapy I had gotten a bit better but I felt like something was still wrong . Tried Yoga, full stretching sessions, Pilates as well and yes it all help a bit but my ribs and left hip were not near where they should be after almost a year of serious training. Finally my friend introduced me to The Rolf Method and although it was rough at first ,In less than six sessions my body was healed. I can not tell you details of what she did because she did so many parts of the technique, But I can tell you one specific thing she did. Ivette realigned my spine and with that I felt 90% better . Shortly after everything else fell in to place and I was pain free for good , my hip regain the right mobility and I was the most grateful person ever! Ivette Pinela is an incredible and gifted professional. I so recommended and I'm a true believer in this method!-Sandra B.

   - Ivette has profoundly changed and upgraded my experience of being in my body. I've had 8 Rolfing sessions with her so far. I walk with much much better posture, I breathe so much deeper in my body, and the neck, back and shoulder pain I have felt for a long time is gone! I feel so much more space from within! The effects of her sessions is lasting.

Unlike the massage and chiropractic I've gotten in the past that gives me short term relief, this Rolfing work really changes my physiology on a very deep level. It teaches my body to hold and move differently so I feel the changes integrate and really take hold in my life. Everyone who wants to feel more empowered and improve their life can benefit from this work.-Chelsea L

    - Oh man! Where do I start? I met Ivette a few years ago and learned that she did this structural integration thing. I didn't seek her help till my body was in total breakdown, I had extreme shoulder pain, back ache and needed help badly. Within a session or 2 my pain was gone, vanished. In addition, I had neck trauma from a car accident I had about 20 years prior. This neck trauma gave me limited range of motion in my neck. With that small amount of help from Ivette, like MAGIC I had recovered full extension of my neck both left and right. The interesting part for me was that 3 months later my range of extension was still there. I have gone to chiropractors, body work folks and an assortment of massage therapist and I only got temporary relief... I was really impressed.

I am now doing the 10 series and I am up to the 5th session and not only do I feel great but the old body aches I have carried for many years are gone. I thought these aches just came from aging and completely normal, well guess what... they are NOT!

My girlfriend was so impressed with the way my posture has transformed just in the last 2 months, that it blew her away. I had a friend who thought either I lost weight or got taller some how, I explained that Ivette had elongated me.. he was impressed.

If you are suffering from any sort of body ache and writing it off to aging or just some sports injury you have to learn to cope with, stop lying to yourself. Get relief and feel lighter and more centered and grounded to the ground. The experience is incredible and results last which is more than I can say for any other modality I have ever tried.

Ivette will teach you how to properly walk and sit, you'll discover how many harmful things you are unknowingly doing to your body. A word of caution, there is some discomfort involved in the process but if permanent relief is important to you... if standing for long periods of time without backache or getting rid of constant nagging pains your body produces over time is a priority then reach out to Ivette, give it a whirl, it will transform your relationship to gravity and you body... go for it, give her a call!- Maurice C.

We Specialize in The Rolf Method of Structural Integration, Deep Tissue Massage, Orthopedic And Sports Massage. Our clients range in age and Body type but they are all looking to alleviate painful patterns that are effecting the quality of their life, from sleeping to recovering from surgery and accidents .


Ivette Pinela is a Certified Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration, Reiki Practitioner, Deeksha Blessing Giver as well as other bodywork modalities.


      - I met Ivette at a Tony Robbins event, and I remember her telling me she was a rolfer. I had no idea what it was, but once she began to tell me about Rolfing I was very interested. I began a ten series with her and it was the best investment of my life. Not only is Rolfing great for the body, but also for inner healing. She also teaches you how to take home practices such as sitting and standing. I've become more aware how I sit and stand now, and the pain in my back is gone. When I stand and feel taller and straighter. By the first session I saw and felt extremely better. But I highly recommend doing a full ten sessions. She works with passion and is a true healer! Thank you ivette!- Laura C.

     - Ivette is an absolute Must ! Whether you have cronic problems or not SI is a must for all... from the moment you are born just normal living creates a network of issues that we are not aware of.. and when the pain starts it is actually your body telling you HEY ! you can't keep doing that to me without some help... A lesson I learned the hard way.... I have been a long time sufferer of frozen shoulders... achy neck and shoulder..low to no range of motion.. have had many muscle spasms... Years of regular massage sessions would only relieve the NOW pain... but with in a day or 2 my body was back to being and feeling like I never had the massage... Ivette has worked her magic on me several times and I call her my CURE not the BANDAID... after my first session with her I could tell a major difference and after the series of sessions well my mind is blown... I have not had a regular massage in over 1 year... my Job has not changed but I no longer have the neck and shoulder pain... ! If you have been searching and searching for the RELIEF.. see Ivette.... she is my hero 🙂

Rolfing Structural Integration

What is Rolfing/Structural Integration? 


Ida Rolf explains it best...."Structural integration is a technique that aimes at organizing and ordering a body. Bringing muscles back into the place where they belong in their theoretical order. Structural Integration is part of a technique to make a person feel more effective more efficient. To make him/her better organized better coordinated because he is in the gravitational field and excepting it and working in it and working with it instead of faking it as the average random body has to do. In Structural Integration, we expect to give a cycle of ten sessions. There is a reason for this, we are not dealing with local problems.


We are not dealing with the kind of thing that you can say... "well, I Fixed That , that's all." We are dealing with an attempt to make a body a sturdier human being. To make a body more secure, more adequate within the field of Gravity. Now this requires that muscles be balanced. They need to be balanced around a vertical line. When I talk about balancing muscles, I'm talking about about balancing the right side against the Left side. Balancing the front of the body against the back of a body. Finally, balancing the inner most muscles against the outermost muscles, the inside against the outside. This is the most important of those balances. We start from the outside working in and it takes us ten sessions before we can get to the place where we can really balance the body."



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Ivette Pinela is a Certified Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration, Reiki Practitioner, Deeksha Blessing Giver as well as other bodywork modalities.

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